Nothing Special

I wish I was doing more exciting things. I thought about that on my walk home today…what could I blog about? I read. And watch TV. And sleep. But that can’t be all that takes up my day, can it?

So here is what I did today: I went to school. As I was walking across campus to come home, I thought, “I should go print out the articles I need to read for Friday.” Then I looked at the sky. The grey, windy, darkening-by-the-moment sky. And I thought it was more important to me to be dry than prepared.

So I hurried home. And I hadn’t been home five minutes before it started to hail and pour rain. Right now I’m figuring out what I want to make for dinner, then I’ll read.

And since Lost doesn’t start until next week, there’s not even much to look forward to in TV world. Sigh.

2 thoughts on “Nothing Special

  1. i hear you. but what a shame to not be prepared for class.sounds like fall is definitely coming for you – the description of the sky made me think of “something wicked this way comes” – what a great book!

  2. Oh, the reading I procrastinated isn’t due until tomorrow, so I still have some time to finish it. I ended up printing it at home. Halfway done with it right now, just taking a break. 🙂

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