Planes and Trains

Since most of my life I lived on or near Air Force Bases, I kind of got used to hearing planes fly close to home. When I lived in Salt Lake, I actually missed hearing planes all the time–where I lived wasn’t in the flight pattern of the airport there.

When I was looking for a place to live in Bowling Green, I was warned of only one thing: the train. Apparently trains are still used to transport goods cross-country. I thought the Teamsters Union had the market cornered on that, but apparently there are some things that semis just can’t do. So the train rolls through my backyard quite often. Every night at 2:30 AM, for example, without fail. Some nights I hear it, some nights I don’t.

But early this evening, something happened (I don’t know what) and the train stopped. So I took a picture, just so you all could see how close the train is to my front door. I used no zoom on this shot. I took this photo standing directly in front of my door.

4 thoughts on “Planes and Trains

  1. Julie! This is Maribeth – I started reading some of your posts yesterday and I was just captivated by the way you right! You are soooo insightful. It inspired me to start my own “blogger”. I hope everything is well in Bowling Green! We all miss you here!

  2. Thanks, Maribeth! I really miss everyone there…it’s quite different from what I’ve been used to. I’m glad it’s only two years! Maybe over Christmas I’ll come jazzercise…

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