Funny Things

As I’ve been driving around Bowling Green, I’ve noticed a couple of things that I find to be humorous. I’m sure Omaha has its share of “weirdness,” but since it’s home, I overlook it or consider it charming. Decide for yourself: here are descriptions (maybe pics will come later) of some quirky Bowling Green things.

1. A perfectly square, brown house with four perfectly square windows. Looks like houses I drew in kindergarten.

2. A convenience store named “Butts.” Guess what their primary item for sale is? Cigarettes! Get it? I drove past that half a dozen times before I realized how punny it was.

3. A deep purple house hidden by several trees. I pass it on the way to church and it always shocks me.

4. A tshirt I saw a boy on campus wearing that said, “Freshmen girls: get ’em while they’re skinny.” I think I was impressed with the kid’s moxie to walk around a co-ed campus wearing that.

So, silly? Charming? I guess it depends on the emotional attachment to the location. Right now those are kind of silly things to me. When I leave in two years, I’ll probably find them charming.

5 thoughts on “Funny Things

  1. I love that t-shirt. That’s the greatest thing I’ve heard all day. I had a good idea for a t-shirt, but it’s hard to explain in written form. I’ll try anyway. It would have the sigma sign, followed by “Thing Special”. So it would be SUM-thing special. Nice, right??-Matt

  2. Just so you know the purple house has The Best garage sale on the weekend of the Black Swamp Arts Festival. It’s incredible . The house is owned by this fabulous woman who travels and all her friends join in. They are all slightly eccentric and fun and cool and great decorators and the stuff you find there is killer. It’s like the Garage sale of the Ya-ya Sisterhood. One of those things that makes BG more bearable.

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