School’s great, but…

I have offically been to all my classes, and I think I will enjoy all of them. It’s different, being the student after being the Teacher for so long, but I’m adjusting and figure by Labor Day, I’ll be in good shape. Here’s the one problem:

I have cable now.

I shouldn’t have ordered it, I know. I didn’t get digital, thinking I didn’t all those channels. And I’m fine with what I have. I’m too fine with what I have.

I remember when I lived in Salt Lake and one of my roommates expressed concern at getting cable because, for her, TV was a drug. Sure enough, we found ourselves one Saturday cemented to the couch watching a marathon of a reality TV show about people who wanted to become pro wrestlers. Ewww. So what did I do this past Saturday?

I watched a bunch of episodes of “My Super Sweet 16” on MTV. Which, if you haven’t seen, and you have zero tolerance for teenagers, stay away. I also became enamored with The Barefoot Contessa on the Food Network. She really kind of annoys me, but once I start watching, I can’t stop.

The REALLY cool show I watched was Saturday night: Ace of Cakes on The Food Network. It is amazing what some people can do with cakes. I even called everyone in my family to tell them about it.

So in between all the readings on Marxist theory and different approaches to studying Internet behavior, I’m watching a lot of TV. I might not give up the cable, as I initially thought I would. I’m having too much fun.

2 thoughts on “School’s great, but…

  1. danger will robinson. seriously i agree with the drug advice – dangerous. it really sucks me in when i’m alone. if there’s someone else around i’m usually resistant to the for all those food network shows – my cable isn’t fancy enough for that – but they were the ex boyfriend’s favorite shows – he kept trying to get me to watch starts for me tomorrow! ack!

  2. Julie… I miss that drug… and the Osbournes… and the pro-wrestler marathon. John won’t watch with me… unless it’s something boring on PBS (like the life of a Fruit Fly). We don’t have cable now… I MISS IT!! I NEED MY FIX!!

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