It’s been over a month since I’ve posted, so I’m not even sure anyone still checks this. But I plan on posting once a week during the school year.

Speaking of school, it’s fantastic, but I have a hard time giving up my movie time. The last movie I saw in the theatre was Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: totally worth it. There just aren’t any good movies out right now. I read an article the other day that theatre owners are blaming Hollywood and the obvious settling for mediocrity for the box office slump. Valid point…there just isn’t anything worth seeing.

So I should return to my classics, which I will next week. I plan to skip to number 10 on AFI’s list and watch the top 10, regardless of whether I’ve already seen the film or not. Heck, I just watched Reality Bites this afternoon and I’ve seen that movie at least 2 dozen times. As my sister would say, quoting Jimmy Neutron: “They say repetition is good for a developing brain.”

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