End of Summer and All About Eve

As I was sitting in a break-out session at my conference last week, I realized something:

My summer is over.

Sure, it’s still July, and there are still some people out there who think teachers don’t work during the summer, but my summer has reached its end. I have several projects I’ve put off until the absolute last minute, speech camp starts Monday, and my first day of meetings is August 10th. Ergo, my time to do nothing but watch movies has disappeared.

I plan to still watch some of the remaining films on the list. Yesterday I watched “All About Eve.” Kind of. I fell asleep watching it, but saw enough to make this conclusion: girls are mean! So that’s the commentary on that film. Never been a fan of Bette Davis, and this film didn’t do anything to change my mind there.

So to wrap up, if you’ve enjoyed reading all of these commentaries, I’m going to try and post about once a week until I finish up. For now, I need to go get ready for another meeting.

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