A Digression…

For all the Mormons in the group…I watched The Best Two Years today, and it is by far the best LDS film I’ve ever seen. Ever. Better than Singles Ward, better than the new Pride and Prejudice. The balance of humor and sentimentality was perfect. The only thing I don’t know is that if it is accessible to people out of the faith. But I think it is.

The movie made me miss my mission so much. I’ve been home now for 7 years, and I haven’t been back to Montreal or Ottawa since. I miss my companions, miss the Canadian people, and I miss being so focused on one thing. While watching the film, I completely identified with the struggles each missionary had (except the language…well, I take that back..the Quebecois accent is brutal) and it was just such an accurate representation of mission life.

If I ever make it to grad school, the idea I have for my dissertation is to research the impact of religion in film, focusing primarily on the LDS film industry (it’s been around a lot longer than you think it has been). Watching movies like this one get me pretty excited to do that research.

Happy Saturday, everyone!

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  1. If you even bothered considering watching Napoleon Dynamite, much less actually wasting the time, I say… YOU’RE FIRED! -snotty

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