65–Silence of the Lambs. Creepy. Saw it my senior year of high school at the base theater, and two A1Cs sat behind my friend Jen and I, and took every opportunity to scare the snot out of us. Then Jen and I went to my house for ice cream. My fam was out of town, but somehow the basement light was on…it was off when we left for the movie. Shudder.

64–Close Encounters of the Third Kind. I didn’t much care for the story, since I’m not a big fan of alien movies, but the direction and cinematography were so well done. What do you expect from Steven Spielberg?

63–Stagecoach: John Wayne. Didn’t watch it. Figured I’ve done my western time with The Searchers.

62–Tootsie. LOVE this movie! Have seen it many times and laugh every time.

So, on to the one I haven’t seen: Vertigo.

I like Hitchcock, but have never seen this one. I don’t want to give any plot details, but I will say that it was nice to see Jimmy Stewart get a little aggressive. Very cool. I didn’t care for the ending–I wanted a little more closure. If it wasn’t for Hitchcock, I don’t think M. Night Shaymalan would know how to effectively create suspense. See this movie…it’s not scary, just a little bit of a mind trick.

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