#71 The French Connection

Having just returned from New York City and Washington D.C., this film was actually interesting to watch. Although it was rather violent, but I suppose that comes with the territory when telling a story about bringing down a drug ring.

Gene Hackman won an Academy Award for his portrayal of Det. Doyle, but I thought his performance in Hoosiers was much more fleshed out. Kind of a depressing ending: as most films based on true stories do, brief epilogues about the characters’ fates flash on the screen. Hardly any of the people involved served prison sentences worthy of their crimes, and the ringleader escaped. The narcotics officers who spent months tracking this particular ring were reassigned, unable to track down drug dealers ever again. Sad, sad, sad.

Here’s hoping the Spurs can pull it together tonight….

One thought on “#71 The French Connection

  1. Haven’t seen this one…doesn’t really sound like something I would like…because I loved Gene Hackman in “hoosiers”, and that is the way I prefer to remember him.

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