#92 A Place in the Sun

Dear, dear Shelley Winters:

Don’t you know that the beautiful men of this world don’t settle for plain looking folk? I know you thought Montogmery Clift was a nice guy and all, but weren’t his searing glances just too beautiful? Surely you didn’t think he’d fall in love with you! As a friend of mine once put it: “It was just lonliness and hormones.” Sweetie, if you had figured that out, you’d still be packing shirts into overpriced boxes. I guess we see and hear what we want. You’re no Elizabeth Taylor, honey. But I tip my hat to you for trying to land who happens to be far more beautiful than anyone in current Hollywood life. Mamma mia, Montgomery Clift is gorgeous!

For the readers in the audience who don’t want to watch the movie, check out Theodore Dreiser’s An American Tragedy. I haven’t read it yet, but definitely plan on it now.

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