No, National Lampoon did not make the list, but just a quick update: I had planned on watching a movie today but between scrapbooking, working with kids, and getting stuff ready for the trip to Milwaukee, movies just didn’t happen. Well, I suppose it could have, but people–the finales of Lost and Alias are on tonight! Priorities!!! 🙂 Be back on Tuesday…Happy Memorial Day to you all. My suggestions for a patriotic movie to watch on Monday:

Miracle–just try to not get teary when you hear Al Michaels scream “Do you believe in miracles?” I dare you.

The Great Escape–Steve McQueen tossing around a baseball…yummy. Oh yeah, and they way they get out of the stalag is pretty cool too.

2 thoughts on “Vacation

  1. I have to admit, Al Michael’s words only bring tears to my eyes if he tries to use slang, because he can’t really pull it off. As far as his line about miracles, I suppose my opinion would change had I been alive when that fateful game happened. As it is, you’d probably have more luck getting me to cry by discussing Sharps or Milwaukee’s Best. Oh, the memories…

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